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We look at litigation differently from most law firms. Because of our extensive in house litigation experience, we approach litigation from the perspective of a company’s business interests and business needs. We think outside the box to help companies formulate litigation objectives and strategy, and reach achievable outcomes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We advise our clients regarding the risks and benefits of different litigation tactics and strategies so that our clients can appropriately brief business leaders and choose the best course to protect the company’s interests.

While some matters are particularly suited to our efficient structure, in many cases we are not a replacement for outside litigation counsel. Instead, we act as “on demand” in house counsel working with our clients to select and assist outside counsel, set and meet litigation budgets, develop case strategy, understand the likelihood of success and the achievable outcomes, and be an interface between the company and outside counsel. We handle settlement negotiations, including drafting settlement agreements, and work with companies large and small that need additional legal bandwidth or expertise for a particular matter.

When a client’s customers are sued, we can act as indemnity counsel, including interfacing with the customer’s litigation counsel and managing indemnity issues. We advise our client’s on their rights and obligations under existing commercial contracts and on how to improve contractual terms going forward. For cases in which a client decides to be jointly represented with other defendants, we can act as separate counsel to make sure the company’s interests are protected within the larger joint defense group.