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Senior Partner, Founder

Mr. Djavaherian is a standards and intellectual property professional, focused on patent, standards, policy and RAND licensing matters.  He counsels technology clients in matters relating to IP, licensing and standard-essential patents.

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Senior Partner

Ms. Beckwith focuses her practice on matters relating to intellectual property litigation, pre-litigation disputes, licensing, and policy.  She has extensive technology industry experience as an in-house litigation, intellectual property and licensing executive.  She has particular expertise in issues related to patent damages for both standard essential and non-essential patents.

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Attorneys on Demand

PacTech uses its extensive network to scale our firm to meet our clients’ needs, and to minimize fees where possible. We work with attorneys having the highest credentials, and in many cases attorneys that we have known and worked with for over a decade. We have developed close relationships with patent analysis providers, standards specialists, researchers, litigation counsel and paralegals, and others that we can use “on call” as the needs of our clients may dictate. Whenever we bring on new counsel, we always carefully manage our clients’ work to maintain the highest standards.